Thomas Jane's penis

For those not familiar with the HBO series “HUNG”, Thomas Jane plays a high-school basketball coach who is a male prostitute on the side. I have been waiting 3 seasons for them to show the “goods”. This past week  we got see almost the whole  package.

Jane is quite reserved in saying that his penis is only average size. Either he was fluffed or very excited about his scene, because it looks a little more than “average ” to me.

Jane has also come under fire recently regarding a magazine interview he gave where he said that he once prostituted in real life when he was in his twenties and living on the streets. He says that , even though he was glad that he experienced being with a man, he considered himself straight and that human sexuality is a choice.

Not sure if I agree with him on that one, but who cares. He’s hot and as long as he keeps showing his naked body and beautiful peenie, I’ll keep tuning in.